90% unrelated

Ok, so here are some sample pics of things I am going to sell on Etsy (excluding the manta ray, I think it is kind of crappy). Please tell me what you think of these pictures and of the little clay things. 

Also I feel like I have a moral issue with selling the squirrel holding a heart. I made that for my ex and she thought it was really cute and all, but when the break up came, it was left in my apartment. All this means that she in no way wants it, and I in no way plan on getting back with her. So my question is, would it be wrong to sell that one?

  1. souffle-etc answered: If you keep it with you, it could depress you into a dark place with your craft. If somebody wants to buy it, it’s beneficial for both of you
  2. geolmuse said: No, sell it! She’s dumb to not want it. Also, these are all great!
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