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asmileadaykeepsthemonkeyaway replied to your post: ok, so I am not caught up with Game of Thrones on…

You wont be completely caught up until youve read all the books - the story with Theon in the show doesnt happen until the book Im on, which is the fifth!

oh, well good thing I have another trip to FL coming up in a little less than two weeks, this will give me many hours to listen to the books. 

But still, does the foreshadowing stay as strong? Like it came on with the dragons and has never stopped in my eyes. 

  1. seethreepio said: There’s a lot that you will not see coming, I PROMISE.
  2. asmileadaykeepsthemonkeyaway said: I’m not that good at spotting foreshadowing in books and shows, but I think it does for a few things.
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